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3D Volume Full Set

    We are thrilled to introduce Volume Lashes. Volume Lashes consists of virtually weightless multiple lashes applied to ONE natural lash. We use several very fine, micro thin lashes per one natural lash to create a super full, natural looking, weightless effect. We are thrilled to be able to create a look with Up to 600 lashes per eye.They are so light and fluffy. These lashes can go from natural and beautiful to super glam! Volume Lashes are also more suitable for those of you that have naturally sparse lashes. Or have never felt (literally) fully satisfied with the Classic Individual lashes. If that is you then these Volume Lashes are for you! This techique is highly recommended for special events, such as Weddings, Birthdays, Formal Events, Photo shoots. You can never get this look with just a Classic Full Set. Volume Lashes start from 2D all the way up to 7D (2 to 7 Lashes on one natural Lash).

  • Keep in mind these lashes are not going to give you excessive weight on your eyes. They are virtually weightless!
  • Volume Full Set $225.00
    Volume Touch Ups
    2 Weeks- $75.00
    3 Weeks- $ 95.00
    4 Weeks- $150.00

Classic Full Set

    A Classic Full Set of lashes includes a  healthy, high quality product that is individually placed one extension per natural Lash . We do not count lashes and we will do as little or as much (all lashes lashed) as you like to create the right look for you. If you look good, we look good.

  • Classic Full Set $175.00
    Classic Touch Ups
    2 Weeks- $65.00
    3 Weeks- $85.00
    4 Weeks- $ 125.00

Hybrid Lashes

  • Hybrid Full Set $225.00

    (Hybrid Lashes are a mixture of Classic and Volume Lashes)

    2 Weeks- $75.00
    3 Weeks- $ 95.00
    4 Weeks- $150.00

**These prices are based on Our work when you are our Clients. Costs may very if you have Lashes on from somewhere else.**
**If you are New to My Chick Habit and currently have lashes on from somewhere else, we Kindly ask you to book a quick consultation to look at your lashes before booking you an appointment at My Chick Habit**